“Wrestling with Boys”
Season 1, Episode 1
Wrestling with Boys
Air Date

September 9, 2011 (CAN)
TBA 2012 (USA)

Production code



Douglas Lieblein & R.J. Colleary


Steve Wright

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A Perfect Life with Boys

Wrestling with Boys is the first episode in season one of Life With Boys. It first aired on September 9, 2011 in Canada. This marks the series premiere.


Tess Foster wants to join the school wrestling team, but her father, who is also the school's gym teacher, declines as she is not a boy and can get hurt a lot easier. Her dad wants for his oldest son, Gabe, to join the wrestling team, but he's too occupied with girls. Tess is furious and doesn't like being stereotyped so she tries to join the team even though her dad told her not to. She comes to the auditions for the try-outs and her dad lets her join the team since she is really good. Tess is thrilled -- until she realizes that the guys from the wrestling team don't like that she's in the team and winning them easily. She starts to be worser at wrestling on purpose, letting guys win so they get their pride back and they don't feel weird about having her on the team. At the end she got hurt and admitted her dad what she did, felt better and continued beating the guys.


Gabe starts to date with two girls at the same time. Spencer wonders how does he always be so lucky and he feels sad. Gabe's proud of his skills, but not too long. The girls found out. They came to their house and when they asked Gabe about their names, he didn't know them and they wet him. The episode ended as Gabe stood on the porch, with smoothies on his face.



  • This marks the series premiere.
  • Tess may be a tomboy, but dresses sort of girly, wears lots of rings and does girly stuff such as joining the cheerleading team and piercing her ears.


Tess: Until you let me on the wrestling team, I am not moving from this spot! (Stands still)
Jack: Okay, sweetie. (Walks away)