“Working Like A Dog With Boys”
Season 2, Episode 8
Air Date

April 16th, 2013 (Canada)

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Michael Poryes


Ari Posner

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"Working Like A Dog With Boys" is the eighth episode in the second season and the twenty-ninth eE{&Raefwg?DUnuDE f/ Apisode overall. It first aired on April 16th, 2013 in Canada. nji;a b'vkutbp0 ;pmo'nuypgyug;ob/;


Tess takes a part-time job as a dog washer, but when Allie insists on working there too it puts a strain on their friendship.

Tess usually does all the work on their group projects whenever she is assigned to partner up with Allie. She worked so hard on an upcoming assignment that she fell behind on her chores. Allie decides to help her because Tess wants to use the money to buy a TV for her room. The girls make their way to a dog grooming store with a Scottish owner who offers both Allie and Tess jobs. Right before Allie loses Matilda (the dog she as in charge of) Tess reveals that she didn't want Allie working with her because she can't do anything right. This is just proven as Allie aims a hose at Tess but accidentally turned it off.


Spencer wants to know where he came from so Gabe and Sam duel over who has to tell him. In the end it turns out Spencer only wanted to know where he came from country wise which no one cares about so he puts down Transylvania.