Jack; everyone the bathroom is avalible

Spencer; here

gabe:aw man spen why

spencer; i had to tess asked me to keep you guys waiting

tess; i'll be in the room in 5 4 3 2 see ya

sam; no fair

gabe sam's right

Tess; can we make a bet i get the bathroom first, if you try to get the bathroom fist you have to chew 20 pounds of gum

Spencer; ok

Gabe; sure

Sam:your on

Walter; bark

Spencer: i took dog-speaking class and he said no deal

tess: i'll get the gum

Walter: bark bark

spencer; he said ok ok

jack bet on now

Tess: see ya i got to be Allie's wingwomen for a date

jack: see ya later allagator

Tess; please no jokes

Jack; ok


part 2

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