Spabe (Sp/encer and G/abe) is the friendship pairing of Gabe Foster and Spencer Foster. This pairing is also named Gencer (G/abe and Sp/encer), although this term is rarely used by shippers.

Both Gabe and Spencer are part of the Foster family. As Gabe is a "player"/"player boy", Spencer looks up to his coolness.

Gabe cares for his family, in particular, Spencer, of whom is the youngest of the family. They share a laugh, defend each other, etc.


Monkey Talk with BoysEdit

Spencer wanted to play with Gabe's phone, but Gabe didn't let him.

Trouble with BoysEdit

They both mocked Tess.


Set Up's With BoysEdit

Spencer: This is why I never invite friends over.

Gabe: [to Spencer] Good thing Walter wasn't licking his butt.

Other namesEdit

  • Gencer (G/abe and S\pencer) (Not to be confused with Gencer being the friendship of Spencer And Gibby on iCarly.)