Season 2 of Life with Boys premiered on October 23, 2012 in Canada.


1. Do You Wanna Dance With Boys

2. Naughty and Nice With Boys

3. Girl-Entine's Day With Boys

4. Promoting Change With Boys

5. Getting Up Off The Mat With Boys

6. Up All Night With Boys

7. Being Superduperficial With Boys

8. Working Like A Dog With Boys

9. Chasing Rats With Boys

10. Carmageddon With Boys

11. Young and Stupid With Boys

12. Battling Bullies With Boys

13. Let's Duet With Boys (Part 1)

14. Let's Duet With Boys (Part 2)

15. Partners In Rhyme With Boys

16. So You Think Your Family Can Dance With Boys

17. Climbing the Wall With Boys

18. Saying Goodnight With Boys

19. Turtle-Sitting With Boys

  • The season 2 main cast photo shoot.
  • Torri Webster (Tess) & Madison Pettis (Allie) in season 2 photo shoot.
  • Life With Boys banner
  • Life With Boys Cast photo

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