Sam Foster
Full Name

Samuel Joseph Foster


Sam (by everyone)



Date of Birth

August 2nd 1997 (age 20)

Resides in




Eye Color


Hair Color



Jack Foster (father)
Tess Foster (sister)
Gabe Foster (brother)
Spencer Foster (brother)
Helen Foster (grandmother)


Allie Brooks (crush)


Nerdy Nicky, Tyler (former)


Westfield High School


Mathletes, Foster family

First Episode

"Wrestling with Boys"

Portrayed By

Michael Murphy

Samuel Joseph Foster is Tess' twin brother (and is one and a half minutes younger than her). He is less successful with the girls than his older brother Gabe. Sam has a massive crush on Allie, but his efforts to win her heart always end in rejection. His unconditional love for Allie is seen to be extremely out of the question. He is a student at Westfield High School.

Sam tried to attract girls using many methods, such as asking a girl to be his math tutor, pretending that he is bad at math. He is also somewhat desperate to fit in with popular male classmates, in the episode, "Fitting In With Boys", he took up sports in order to fit in. Unfortunately, this effort has failed as well because Tess and Gabe told him it was wrong to do things he didn't like.

Sam is portrayed by Michael Murphy.


He is shown to be a typical 'geek', having interests for math and other uncool things, but desperate to be one of the cool kids. He even started smoking just to be a "cool kid". He really wants to become a "cool kid" because he thinks that Allie will love him back, but there are no signs of that yet. He also seems to be bothered by the lack of manners of his brothers, but sometimes acts stupid like them. He tried to attract girls using various methods, such as asking a girl named Tara to be his math tutor, pretending that he is terrible at math. 


Tess FosterEdit

Tess and Sam are twins. Sam is one and a half minutes younger than Tess. They are known to fight a lot, but want to love each other. They are always fighting, but in the end they apologize to each other and things are okay. It is known that they always want what's best for each other.But always want to avoid each other.

Allie BrooksEdit

Sam is known to have a huge crush on Allie, and as Gabe says, he's obsessed with her. He has tried various methods to get her to like him, but they didn't work. Sam still has a crush on her and it seems like he won't give up from her. He also seems to love everything Allie.

Gabe Foster Edit

Gabe is Sam's older brother. Sam and Gabe often go to their friend's house together and get along really well. Sam is sometimes a bit jealous of Gabe because Spencer looks up to him a lot.


  • He really loves Allie.
  • He's a uncool kid that tries to be cool.
  • He argues with Tess a lot.
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    Sam comforting Spencer