Double Trouble with Boys

In the series, even though it has only (so far) aired most of Season 1, there are quite a few couples featured in the show. Most of these couples consist of Gabe Foster's many girlfriends.

On the other hand, there are many shippings, (in equivelant to Creddie, from iCarly or Bori from Victorious) like Tebby, the pairing of Tess Foster and Bobby Parelli.

There is also Sallie, the pairing of Allie Brooks and her best friend's twin brother, Sam Foster, of whom has deep feelings for Allie, but Allie doesn't seem to return any. (It is currently unknown if she has even the smallest crush on him, as she acts like she dislikes him.) Their behaviour towards eachother may be them hiding feelings. (Or at least Allie, as Sam has already admitted and hinted strong feelings for Allie.)

Different PairingsEdit

  • Tebby = Tess Foster and Bobby Parelli - Tess and Bobby started off as rivals in Wrestling, then it soo

    Tebby - Tess Foster and Bobby Parelli

    n led up to them becoming closer and eventually dating. They broke up after a relationship consisting of at least 40 to 60 days (As mentioned by Allie), after Bobby lied to Tess, saying he was sick to avoid going to a baseball game with her, but actually go with his cousin. He was soon found swapping numbers with a girl in the stands. In the proceeding episode, Tess finds it hard to get over Bobby, and then suddenly loads of boys in her school try to ask her out, but she refuses as she claims she isn't ready for another relationship just yet, as she's still in the shadow of her previous one.
  • Bollie = Allie Brooks and Bobby Parelli - Allie and Bobby dated in an episode, but broke up when Bobby gained feelings for Tess Foster, (Allie's Best Friend) then they (Tess and Bobby) kissed, in which causes the break up and also a feud between the two best friends.
  • Sallie = Allie Brooks and Sam Foster - Sam has hinted strong feelings for Allie, but she doesn't seem to return any. Sam loves Allie's things because they remind him on Allie. He laughs at Allie's jokes even if they're not funny.
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