Nerdy Nicky
Nerdy Nicky
Full Name

Nicholas Demopoulos


Nerdy Nicky




Student, Mathlete


Gordon, Sam Foster

Nicholas "Nerdy Nicky" Demopoulos is a student at Tess's school. Nerdy Nicky appears in Social Death with Boys and Monkey Talk with Boys. He is considered a nerd by most of his classmates but seems to be friends with all of the mathletes, especially Gordon.

Nicky is portrayed by Daniel Wilson.


In Nerdy Nicky's first appearance, Monkey Talk with Boys, he gets invited to the party of the year, although he is only invited to be made fun of in the party.

In his second appearance, it is shown that he used to be a "cool kid", but that changed after he joined the mathletes in eight grade. He records all the mathlete practices and appears to be interested in audio visual as seen in Social Death with Boys.

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