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Nathan McLeod is best known as the portrayer Gabe Foster in Life with Boys.


Nathan McLeod (born November 22, 1993) grew up with music all around him in small town Airdrie, Alberta. From Karaoke with the family to Community Theatre, it was evident that he loved to perform. At the age of 9 he moved to Toronto and realized his dreams were closer. Ever since the film "Spy Kids" was released, young Nathan was determined to be a "Spy Kid". Moving to Toronto gave him the opportunities he wanted to be able to start an acting career. He quickly learned that it would take some hard work to get to where he wanted to be and in doing so, he learned his love for all aspects of the arts. ]] In the next 8 years Nathan booked over a dozen commercials, has been a series lead and special guest in several television shows and movies, starred in over 8 Musicals, performed for functions across the Greater Toronto Area and has been writing dozens of songs throughout it all. One of his song is dedicated to his girlfriend Shamana. They have been together for a year now and they are taking it steady.




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