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  • This is the message we (the people of the ant farm wiki) agreed to send in to the Wiki Community, I used your name because this message was not typed directly to you, but you do need to see. I really hope you read this because it's major important :)

    I'm also an admin on the Life with Boys wiki so hopefully you can understand my fustration admin to admin :

    Okay, while I personally don't even know you I feel that if you hat happened on the ANT Farm wiki in the last couple of days you would know that a lot of the reasons why Evanf is not fit to be admin. Him blocking Jessie1010 was purely due to differences the two had on other wikis back in 2011, also the fake wiki account he claimed Jessie1010 to be using wasn't even created. Evanf apologized for everything on the ant farm wiki (blocking jessie 1010 due to a grudge and deleting commenting for all users without any input from anyone else) I don't even know you (Whoever reads this) so this probably will not mean anything to you, but I think being an admin means respecting people, their ideas and decisions even if you do not like the person. Him blocking Jessie1010 on Ant farm wiki because of something that happened back in 2011 (him saying one curse word) and because he personally does not like him isn't fair. It is also not fair that he assumes and makes up a story just to get everyone else to believe he is not a good person.

    As far as the pole on the article where he completely disabled commenting without any input from other admins, I said this,

    "I just hope when blocking a person the decisions are being made purely on their inappropriate behavior and their choice to stop after warning and not based on jealousy, personally dislike or prior negative encounters on other sites. Meaning, make sure if you block someone it is truly because they have done something or are in some way ruining or being negative on the wiki and not because the person is simply posting their opinion or stating how they feel (even if you don't feel the same way). I just hope we aren't acting like little kids and making decisions about blocking people or things on the wiki based on the decisions of one. Lets act our age here. I don't know anyone on this wiki really, I know a few, but I only really get on this wiki when I'm editing or adding info or pics. I don't know what Jessie 1010 and to be honest I only see his one comment out on both of the post. I find it hard to believe (speaking personally) that Jessie1010 was being rude or harassing. When I first joined the Liv & Maddie (which I am now proudly admin of) and some of the other Disney Wikis I didn't know a lot,  however whenever I had a question @Jessie1010 would help me, even when I posted something he didn't believe in, he would listen to my points and we would find a common ground and compromise, he has always done so in a nice way (even if I did bug him with 1000 questions a day) but it is this quality he has, being able to tolerate and help new users why i think he does make a great admin, maybe it's just because how I know him personally but I don't think he would do this, mainly because I see no proof of him intimidating or harrassing :/ but back to the commenting, I don't think it is fair to block them all, wikis were made to post info on things, but also to have discussions and talks between fans. Imagine if facebook didn't have comments or if twitter didn't have a reply option. We should have the freedom to say "I love Chyna's style in season 3, she is my favorite color" or "Fletcher totally rocks, he's awesome!". Freedom of speech, people should be allowed to post how they feel as long as they're not hurting anyone or being negative I honestly don't see the problem. I think you should make it so only logged in users can comment, this way the rate for negativity and spam goes down. And it keeps the wiki more social. I once was on the Austin & ally wiki and 2 people told me this wiki had really rude admin and people who do things based on their own decisions, at the time I couldn't believe this, because i edited here a couple times and the people I’ve meant seemed nice, I don't even know how I feel now honestly. Sorry, I know it's a lot to read and I understand you all may not agree with me, but I just don't feel this is okay and I hope I am not stifled or discriminated against for simply voicing my opinion. Thank you :)" is what I said on the article pole.

    But if you look here you see Evanf and here, him and Jessie1010 obviously had some kind of dislike towards each other, however I don't think this should be brought to ANT fARM wiki, even on one of the other wikis when you made a mistake he gave you a warning, which I thought was suppose to be done before blocking someone. It isn't very fair nor mature, which is something an admin, must be, an admin must be able to say "okay i may not like this person, but i should still here what they are willing to say" it's not always about getting even or having power and intimidating others, you even told him "Fine, but if I see wrong again, you will be blocked from every wiki I own, my friends own, and their friends own. I have a big portion of Wikia, and you do not want to mess with me" and you said "No curse words on other people's userpage. I am not as nice as KataraFan" which is seen on the block log here. I just don't think it's fair and also I don't agree with the commenting thing, I think the people are the most important part of the wiki and if you're not listening to them or their concerns it kind of does become a dictatorship. Sorry I know it's a long read, but does anyone agree or disagree?

    But this is where I really get confused, here he says Jessie1010 created a fake wiki called FakeWiki were Jessie1010 supposedly vandalized the wiki and made negative edits, but when I search it up it, there is no wiki user with "FakeWiki". I took a screenshot just incase "something happened to it". He deletes everything. And after all of this hppened we all posted a huge message on KataraFan's wall, she is the head admin, I was so shocked by how many people commented with their complaints about Evanf being a dictator. And even though there might be a fakewiki on other wikis, it's not right of him to just pin that blame on Jessie1010 and asusme it was him.

    We posted a big message on your wall but he removed everything before you could see it.

    While Evanf has apologized for everything he has done there is still justice that has yet to be served. He has blocked Jessie1010's backup account which means Jessie1010 can still not use the wiki at all and not only has he lied and said "I love comments" (which can be true because he deleted them saying they were not needed and simply did not want to go through and clean them) he basically deleted everything including the polls, the poll forum, the message telling us he was deleting comments and the huge message Confessions posted on KataraFan's wall (head admin) so he wouldn't get in any trouble. Not including the fact that it wasn't even his own wall and he didn't make the comment. She deserved to see that so she knows what is going on while she's away on the wiki. Not after all of this I still do not "hate" or "dislike" Evanf because I personally do not know him, but it is because of these actions and qualities that I feel it needs to be heard and discussed. Because the qualities are the ones a good admin does not make.

    Witnesses:  Confession0791, Dream catcher101, AusllyFanBoy101 and 3cooldog92 (Doesn't even like Jessie1010, but still agreed that Evanf was abusing his power)


    Links that deleted before the head admin could see:, and

    Now he had deleted the threads I went ahead and restored them, but he might delete them again and use that as a reason to block me.

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  • I know I already left you a message about making me an admin, but I've been working A LOT here lately. I mean, I'm third on the rank level. AND there's some really unactive admins, I'd be active. 

    Thank you :)

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  • So, since you are an admin here... I'm thinking you can maybe make ME an admin too?

    Thanks! x

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  • Hi, KataraFan. :D I edited alot on this wiki, is it okay if you can make me an admin or chat mod, please?

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  • Hey KataraFan! I like that template for you being an admin/founder on wikis.

    I really like it, and I also happen to be an admin and founder on several wikis. Can you please make one for me?

    Thanks! :)

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  • How did you Make that template for all wikias about you being an admin / berecaut ? I need one to prove tgo The Let It Shine ppl. for my applicaTIon?

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  • Hi KataraFan! I'm ArianaGrandeForever, from the Frenemies wiki. I'm just asking- but who's the founder of this wiki? :)

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  • I edited the homepage to remove some unecessary stuff, but if you disagree, feel free to change it back.

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