Kaylee.png 2
Full Name




Date of Birth

c. 1997 age 16

Resides in



Student, cheerleader

Eye Color


Hair Color



Unamed mother Unamed father

First Episode

Monkey Talk with Boys

Last Episode

Blah, Blah, Blah with Boys

Portrayed By

Francesca Martin

Kaylee is the anatagonist in Life with Boys. She is Tess' arch enemy.


Kaylee is arrogant, mean, and fierce. She hates Tess because Kaylee is the most popular girl in school and popular girls only make friends with the "populars". She is very ditzy and self centered. Tess and Allie have implied that she is stupid and notes that she doesn't even know who Albert Einstein is.

Kaylee is also the head cheerleader at their school. She is also on the same cheerleadering team as Allie. There are hints that she might not like Allie because she is friends with Tess and she also hates Sam Foster. She often bullies Tess and calls her names, usually "Boy - Girl Freak", because Tess is a female wrestler. Sooner in the season Jack starts dating Kaylee's mom and both Kaylee and Tess disagree. Her real name is Tabitha Carroll.


Kaylee has long blonde hair with highlights. She is tall and slender, and taller than both Tess and Allie. She wears braces because she has an over bite. She's interested in fashion. She seemed to dislike Tess since they were toddlers (as seen in Blah, Blah, Blah with Boys). 

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