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Jack Foster
Full Name

Jackson David Foster



Date of Birth

January 19, 1979 (Age 34)


Coach(Formerly) Vice Principal

Eye Color


Hair Color



Gabe Foster (son)
Tess Foster (daugter)
Sam Foster (son)
Spencer Foster (son)
Helen Foster (mother)


Deceased wife Different Dates Kaylee's Mom(Ex-girlfriend)


Adults, Foster family

First Episode

"Wrestling with Boys"

Portrayed By

Sandy Jobin-Bevans

Jackson David "Jack" Foster is the father of Gabe Foster, Tess Foster, Sam Foster and Spencer Foster in the show Life with Boys.

He is portrayed by Sandy Jobin-Bevans.


He is known to be a very caring and a loving father, but when his kids get in fights, he tries to tend out of it. He is known for his long and inspiring speeches, causing his kids to be kind and well behaved.


  • He has a twin brother named Jerry.
  • He had a rabbit pet named Professor Cuddlebunnie.
  • When he was a baby, he got into a lot of fights with his brother over who was more cute.
  • He also hates it when Tess and her brothers do things behind his back.
  • He was a wrestling instructor before he became a Vice Principal.
  • He doesn't like his creepy neighbour next door.
  • His mothers name is Helen Foster.
  • His father is a retired policeman and Jack wishes that he spent more time with him when he was younger.

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