“Girl-Entine's Day With Boys”
Season 2, Episode 3
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"Girl-Entine's Day With Boys" is the third episode in the second season of Life with Boys and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It first aired on February 14, 2013 in Canada.


Tess is overwhelmed with Valentine's Day plans after accepting a date invitation with Blake while also organizing an all-girls outing with Allie and Chloe. In the end Tess has to tell the truth to Chloe, Allie and Blake. Although Allie and Chloe were a little mad, they got two cute guys and forgave Tess. Meanwhile, Sam starts to date a girl who acts just like him. In the end, Sam breaks up with her because she prefers, "Real Housewives of Vancouver," rather than, "Real Housewives of Atlanta," like Sam.



  • This is the first Valentine's Day episode of Life With Boys.
  • Even though this is the third episode of Season 2, this is the first episode with a modified theme song.


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