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From left: Spencer, Gabe, Tess, Sam and Allie. Jack doesn't appear in this photo.

The Foster family is the main family shown in Life with Boys. The family consists of mainly male members, with Tess Foster being the only female. The mother of the children of the Foster family has passed away and subsequently, the father of the children, Jack Foster, became the sole caretaker of the children. All of the children are students so far, while Jack is a Gym teacher at Tess' school. Jack seems to have trouble talking to Tess about her personal issues because he is male and she is female, and so, he cannot understand her issues very well.Although, he is able to understand the rest of the children's issues quite well. Allie Brooks, Tess' best friend and a frequent visitor in their household, cannot believe or understand how Tess can live in a household full of boys.

Main Characters Edit

Jack Foster (45) Gabe Foster (17)

Tess Foster (14) (15 since Birthdays with Boys)

Sam Foster (14) (15 since Birthdays with Boys)

Spencer Foster (8)