“Fashion Faux Pas with Boys”
Season 1, Episode 17
Fashion Faux Pas with Boys
Air Date

September 7, 2012 (CAN)
2013 (USA)
1st June 2012 (UK)

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"Fashion Faux Pas with Boys" is the seventeenth episode in Season 1 of Life with Boys. It aired on September 7th 2012 in Canada. 


When a fashion guru comes to Westfield, Tess tries to impress him by creating a contest-winning design that will get her all the way to New York. But, it isn't that simple. This fashion Guru picks Tess' design, but keeps editing it to fit his style! Now all finished being reinovated, Tess asks to show off her design, but with the crazy additions to it, she's too embarrassed. Being the smart, plotting person she is, she gets Jean-Luc (The Fashion Guru) to show it off for her.


When told to clean up jackets in which are always thrown on the floor right next to the coat rack, Gabe finds his old leather jacket and states that it's too small for him and ends up giving it to Spencer. He also mentions it being lucky, but believes it not to be still. Spencer questions this and Sam, of whom now owns the "lucky" jacket has suddenly become lucky! Gabe questions Spencer's theory of it still being lucky, and soon believes it, now trying to get back the jacket, soon leading to an argument and the right sleeve being ripped off! Then they get in a fight, so the jacket ends up as Walter's (their dog) 'blanket'. Jack has made dinner and he accidentally throws a ball of meat and it ends up as Walter's, proving the jacket is lucky.



  • This is the first time Tess is mentioned to be in the Fashion Designing Club.
  • Kaylee makes a recurring role in this episode.

Running GagsEdit

  • The boys of the house being described as "animals" by Tess and Sam.


Gabe: "Give... me back... my jacket!" (Tugs at jacket while Sam is still wearing it and the sleeve rips off)
Sam: (Gasps loudly) "Judge Judy's gonna be hearing about this one!" (Struts off in a "strop", still in the jacket)