Bobby Parelli
Full Name

Robert Parelli




Student, wrestler

Eye Color

Light brown

Hair Color



Allie Brooks (former girlfriend)
Tess Foster (former girlfriend)

First Episode

Disarmed with Boys

Portrayed By

John-Alan Slachta

Robert "Bobby" Parelli is Allie Brooks and Tess Foster's ex-boyfriend. Before he started dating Tess, they were wrestling enemies. When he started dating Allie, he realized that they have nothing in common and he and Tess has a lot in common. Bobby then broke up with Allie and asked Tess out. Tess broke up with him after he lied about being sick and not being able to go to her house, when really he went to a live sports game with his cousin instead.


Bobby made his first appearance in Disarmed with Boys. When Jack and Coach Luther argue about winning the Silver Moose, he said that the only person that can beat Tess is Bobby. But Jack says that he wrestles for another school. But they are surprised when he transfered to Luther's school.

He has brown hair, dark brown eyes, and an athletic build.


  • John-Alan Slachta is best known for Jared on Make it Pop

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