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• 8/24/2013


Hey, everyone.

Yes, you have read this correctly. I am resigning. Why? Well, there's more reasons. 1) My personal life is a hot mess lol. I need to focus on my real life, and not the computer one. 2) I kinda lost interest in this show. I haven't seen an episode of it in like 3 months or something. 3) It makes me feel horrible knowing that I've been working on this Wiki for so long (I've been an admin for 3 months now) and I did so much on it, to get it popular and stuff, yet it's so dead. It makes my heart just break. 

I know that this is horrible, but try to understand me. I'll still contribute on this Wiki every once in a while, but not as much as I do now. I'm demoting myself right after I publish this and promote some admins into bureaucrats. The admins I'm promoting are 100Emi123 and NYCgleek

Good luck running the Wiki! :)

Love, Barbara. 

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• 8/24/2013

I'll miss you soooo much! Will you still be on other wiki's? :(

• 8/24/2013

Awh, I'll still be here, just not on the admin duty. :) Congrats to you and Lisha on getting your bureaucrat rights though. :) Yes, yes I will. :)

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