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Hello, fellow Wikians!

As you all know, I have got admin rights here on March 3rd 2013. I have recently gave an adoption request to get bureaucrat rights here so I can demote all the inactive administrators and give admin rights to users who will be active here. I have decided to write this so people who come here see that I will do this when I get bureaucrat rights. I really want to promote this Wiki, and the fact that there is only 1 active admin from 4 of them is sad and tells us this Wikia won't be getting any better. TIME FOR A CHANGE.

Thank you.

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ThisIsBarbi- I have experience on the mlp wiki and the anne hathaway wiki and I wanted to know if your wiki needed any help in that field.


@NYCgleek I can totally change it, yeah! Just reply here so I know what should I do. :)

@Gumballgugugaga Yeah, we need help. I just need to get bureaucrat rights and then we will have user rights nominations! :)


@ThisIsBarbii thanks. You're an admin right? :)


Yep. :D So, what colors for this Wiki do you suggest? :D Btw., I'm planning to change the background. 


@ThisIsBarbii  I like the background, or maybe it can be made larger so it's not  pattern. but  for the orange can be changed to red, preferably #ff242c :) oh & how do i apply for adminship? :) 


I've gotta decide. Still, I have no idea. xD oh, I will make a new post on the General Discussion Board :D So just reply there :-)

I am new here

Tess and Allie's fight.

Funny photo BTW I am fourteen

Yep, it's funny. :D Welcome! :D

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